“Our experience with Kimberly has been nothing short of wonderful. We’ve worked with her on more than one occasion and are always thrilled with the results. She displays an immense amount of talent and knows exactly how to tailor that to fit into our home. She doesn’t just come up with a design, she comes up with a design that reflects our personalities as well. Not only do we love coming home to our oasis everyday but she listened to what we wanted and then presented us with something better then we could have ever imagined. Hiring Kimberly was one of the best decisions we’ve made.”
– Manny and Terrie Marroquin – 5 time Grammy award winning Mix Engineer for Bruno Mars, Alicia Keys, Usher, Kanye West and John Mayer
“When we bought our first home we had no idea how to furnish it and barely understood what an interior designer did. Not only was Kimberly able to provide us with a vision for our historic Paul Williams house, but she was patient, collaborative and taught us a great deal along the way. She did such a good job in fact, our home was featured in Oprah’s Home Magazine, Sunset Magazine, and others. We love her so much, we hired her a second time for our Brentwood home. In addition to Kimberly’s design sense she was technically brilliant when it came to size and space and was able to perfectly design built-ins and custom furniture. We give her two thumbs up!”
– Erika & Spike Feresten
“I can’t speak highly enough about Kimberly.  Her taste is impeccable.  Her personality makes the whole process a pleasure.   And she has a unique ability to communicate and  understand what you want…even if you aren’t fluent in design-ese. When I decided to work with an interior designer after purchasing my new house, I had a vague sense of what I wanted:  something warm, comfortable, contemporary but not cold, and most important something that felt like “me”.  That was my biggest fear, ending up living in a well designed home that didn’t reflect my taste and personality.  My fears were instantly assuaged after my first meeting with Kimberly.  She “got me”.  And every step of the process was a great collaboration that ultimately yielded my dream home.  Every room, every piece of furniture, every detail was EXACTLY what I wanted and yet, there was no way I would’ve ever been able to do it on my own.  I loved what she did and loved working with her.  I never thought I’d live in the kind of place people would walk into and go “wow!” — not because it’s big or overwhelming but because it’s well designed.  And I gotta say…I like that!  She turned a house into my HOME.”
– Silvio Horta – Creator/Writer, Ugly Betty
“Kimberly Biehl Schmidt is, simply put, the real deal.  At first, I was skeptical about using an interior designer.  On one hand, I felt like I could dress myself, so why not my apartment?  On the other hand, I had dingy walls with exposed cables and a purple sofa and a fiancé who was having none of it.  My fiancé worked with Kimberly before, and made a house that was so cool (it was featured in “In-Style”, and then at a party in New York saw a fireplace that had been replicated from that magazine photo).  For me, Kimberly was, at first, more like a pre-marriage counselor – helping me discover and refine my taste and incorporate it into one my fiancé and I could share.  And the result was beautiful.
So, years later, when my law partner and I wanted to veer away from the corporate shells and convert a loft in Venice, Kimberly was there.  To make something that looked so mundane from the outside be completely warm, professional, and austere on the inside.  Our office is so different, in fact, that it was featured in the Daily Journal.  It’s all oak, and clean, and having an office we love makes working so much easier.
My law partner and his wife are now using Kimberly on their new home.  Because Kimberly Biehl Schmidt is impeccably, deliciously, contagious.”
– Ian Wallach, Esq., Feldman & Wallach
“Working with Kimberly is downright inspiring. Even though I often have an idea of where I want to go with a design project – from recovering a chair to reconceiving a whole room – Kimberly takes the concept and turns it into something more beautiful, more layered, more comfortable, and more meaningful than I ever could have imagined. Because she is a down-to-earth, generous, true “people person” – not just a smart, creative designer – she takes the time to get to know how you live your life. So, the benefit she has over other designers is her innate ability to create a gorgeous – but livable – environment, rather than a sterile showcase. Most people don’t realize how important it is to hire an interior designer that you are going to like spending time with; they just focus on the person’s portfolio or client list. Kimberly delivers on both counts. I only recommend her to my favorite people, because I don’t want her to be too busy to work with me!”
– Sally Horchow, Lifestyle Director for Horchow.com
“I consider Kimberly to be an absolute guru.  I have utilized her services both at my home and at my office and couldn’t be more pleased with the results.  Fair, efficient, professional and, most importantly, I trust her opinions and judgment.  I recommend her to family and friends without hesitation.”
– Jason K. Feldman, Esq.
“I never thought I would be someone who had an interior designer… I always thought I could manage these decisions myself, but now I can’t imagine decorating an home, office, or nursery without input from Kimberly!  I LOVE working with Kimberly!  She has great taste and quickly understood my taste, which made it fun and easy to narrow down choices (saving time and money).  I also love that she presents a budget range, offering low- and high-end options for every item on your wish list, so you can pick and choose when to splurge and when to save.  She found the softest, most luxurious fabrics and designed and/or located the most inviting, functional, gorgeous furniture.  Kimberly helped me create the kind of home I always lusted after; a perfect space for living, working and entertaining.  I can’t recommend her highly enough!”
– Cindy Chupack, Emmy-winning TV Writer/Producer of Sex and the City, Modern Family and Everybody Loves Raymond
“There are so many things I love about working with KBS Design!  When I bought my first house (as a single gal) Kimberly worked with me to design a look that was homey and chic, but also stayed within my budget.  When I was selling it, she came in in a day and staged it, and when my husband and I bought our next house, Kimberly came in and helped us not only re-incorporate the pieces she had designed for my house, but also design new looks.  Kimberly knows her way around sexy, fine fabrics but is also not afraid to incorporate a groovy flea market find. She is upbeat, flexible, and honest, with a great eye for color and shape. I would most definitely recommend Kimberly for any of your design needs.”
– Jenny Bicks, Creator/Writer “The Big C”, “Men in Trees”, Producer/Writer “Sex and the City”
“Kimberly Biehl Schmidt Interior Design is the best… Kimberly is quick, creative and resourceful. She has impeccable taste, a great eye and extremely clever ideas.  She also has a great working style — she guides without forcing her opinion, and she is patient and always willing to search for the right piece of furniture or fabric for as long as it takes. She does beautiful work.  I highly recommend her.”
– Lylle Breier, Disney, Special Events
“I own Larrabee studios.  Kimberly designed and contracted for our total remodel circa 1999.  The budget was $500,000.  It became over 1 million because of my requests.   I have used her since (on my home) in 2006.   KBS rocks, I used another decorator in 2009 to remodel and decorate another home, he sucked.  I wish I would have employed Kimberly.”
– Kevin Mills, Co-Owner, Larrabee Recording Studios
“I have used kbs4theday services many times in my home and office.  There were rooms I just couldn’t get right. Be it layout, furnishings, lighting or artwork, Kimberly had instant workable solutions that often required only small additional purchases to make the room come together.  When moving to our new home, Kimberly was on top of my list of calls to make to see the empty space and configure the layout to utilize our current assortment.  She has been instrumental in helping to make design decisions that last.  I don’t feel “decorated” in the spaces where Kimberly and I have worked together. I just feel like myself and supremely comfortable in my surroundings.”
– Meredith Feldman

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